Desktop cDNA Annotation System (dCAS) v1.4.3

CAS software screenshot

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The Desktop cDNA Annotation System (dCAS) automates large-scale cDNA sequence analysis. dCAS allows you to import raw cDNA sequences, clean sequences, build sequence contigs, perform SignalP analysis, BLAST contigs against numerous BLAST databases, and view the results in a Microsoft Excel worksheet. Manual curation of each gene can be performed in the excel file and then easily re-imported into the cDNA Annotation System. dCAS enables you to view, justify, and edit the 6-frame peptide translation. As a final step in the workflow, annotated genes and their corresponding translated products can be written into FASTA files for submission to GenBank.

What is new in Version 1.4.3?
  • Support sequence blast databases update alert
  • Use BioMAJ system to monitor specific sequence databases update on the server side
  • Support the new Blast package: NCBI BLAST+
  • New utility function supporting viewing contigs within UCSC Genome Browser
  • New workflow allowing sequences to be screened, blasted and reported without going through contig building step
  • Extension on the Compare Library Workflow, which allows multiple libraries with or without quality values to be compared together
  • Fixes on multiple bugs

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