NIAID Stats Calculator

The NIAID Stats Calculator application is provided by BCBB/OCICB/OSMO/OD/NIAID/NIH to allow the user to perform quick sanity checks when exploring experimental results data. It is designed to test associations between two (2) categorical variables. Instead of requiring the user to input large sets of raw data, the NIAID Stats Calculator program is designed to run the tests using the mean, standard deviation, and sample size of the groups.

The program performs both the Student’s t-test 1 and the Fisher’s exact test 2, with the Chi-squared test 3 with Yates continuity correction 4 to approximate the Fisher’s exact test 5 for large samples. Fisher’s exact test is more accurate than the Chi-square test when the expected numbers are small. However, with larger data sets the Fisher’s exact test will exceed the processing capabilities of the device. The Chi-squared results will still be provided in these cases and should be used as an approximation of the Fisher’s exact test value.

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