Data Mining & Visualization Software for Multicolor Flow Cytometry

Multicolor flow cytometry experiments generate vast amounts of complex data and require sophisticated software for their evaluation. SPICE is a data mining software application that analyzes large FLOWJO data sets from polychromatic flow cytometry and organizes the normalized data graphically.

SPICE enables users to discover potential correlations in their experimental data within complex data sets. Many potential applications for SPICE exist: the software can be used to analyze any multivariate data set for which a series of nominal measurements and a single continuous measurement is available.

SPICE 6 Screenshot

How is this software used in Science?

SPICE is developed for and currently used in the ImmunoTechnology lab of the NIAID Vaccine Research Center as well as by the scientific community throughout the world. It's been cited over 600 times. (see SPICE citations)

What's New In Version 6

  • Completely new user interface makes navigating and exploring your data more intuitive.
  • Handles much larger data sets.
  • New Shared Styles system lets you share styles between figures ... and documents.
  • New Canvas feature lets you compose a single illustration from multiple figures across multiple queries.
  • Queries - previously called "data views" - can have more than one instance of a given figure type (ex: five Bar figures in the same query, each showing the same data in different ways).
  • ...and much more!